Lung Cleanse

  • Help keep your pathways clean and clear with our mullein drops for lungs support made with an organic mullein herb blend that can help provide year round or seasonal discomfort.
  • Mullein leaves are packed with beneficial flavonoids and our mullein leaf extract blend offers a stronger more bioavailable dose compared to teas and capsules.
  • Mullein extract may be the superstar in our lung health supplements but our formula also has other cleansing botanicals like Plantain leaf Elderberry and Thyme.

USDA Organic Mullein Leaf Drops - Herbal Lung Detox and Cleanse Marshmallow Root and Mullein Tincture Lung Support Supplement - Mullein Leaf Herb Respiratory Supplement for Sinus Immunity & Breathing

Take 30 drops (1mL) one to three times per day, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Can be taken directly or added to hot or cold beverage of choice.

Discover the power of our USDA Organic Mullein Leaf Drops, a herbal lung detox and cleanse supplement that supports respiratory health. With a blend of organic mullein herb, marshmallow root, plantain leaf, European elderberry, orange peel, and thyme, our lung support supplement helps keep your pathways clean and clear, providing support from year-round or seasonal discomfort. Unlike mullein leaf tea, our drops offer a stronger and more bioavailable dose of the beneficial flavonoids found in our mullein tincture. Along with mullein extract, our formula includes other cleansing botanicals like plantain leaf, elderberry, and thyme which help cleanse your body. Experience the clean and effective formula of our vegan-certified organic mullein oil blend, free from gluten, dairy, corn, sugar, soy, nuts, GMOs, artificial colors, and alcohol. At Natures Craft, we prioritize quality and utilize the gifts from Mother Nature to support your wellness goals. Trust us as a leading name in herbal supplements for men, women, and children, and experience the natural power of our Mullein Leaf Drops.

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