Kids Omega 3 + DHA

  • Kids DHA EPA Omega 3 supplements provide essential nutrients that support healthy development for kids of all ages and our organic omega 3 oil blend makes it simple to take.
  • Unlike many childrens DHA supplements our formula is completely plant based with algae omega 3 DHA and EPA from Organic flax seed oil Natural algae oil and Organic MCT oil.
  • Vegan omega 3 DHA EPA supplements are a great choice to support your kids overall wellness especially to promote kids immune support Eye health Bone strength and Brain health.

Liquid Omega 3 EPA DHA for Kids - Organic Vegan Omega 3 for Kids Brain Eye and Full Body Development with Vegan DHA EPA & ALA - Kids Omega 3 Liquid Supplement with Algae & Flaxseed Oil Liquid 2 Fl Oz

Children 1-3 years and 4+ take 1/2 teaspoon (two and a half droppers) daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Can be taken directly or added to juice.

Discover the ultimate solution for supporting your kids' well-being with our Liquid Omega 3 EPA DHA for Kids. This exceptional organic vegan omega 3 supplement is specially formulated to nurture your child's brain, eye, and overall body development. Packed with essential nutrients, our plant-based blend makes it effortless to provide your little ones with the care they need for optimal growth and wellness. Unlike many children's DHA supplements, our vegan blend harnesses the power of omega 3 DHA and EPA from organic algae, flaxseeds, and MCT oil, providing a delicious and nutritious alternative to fish oil. No more struggling to get your kids to take their vitamins – our sugar-free liquid supplement is easy to consume without any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Promote your kids' immunity, eye health, bone strength, and cognitive health with confidence, knowing you've chosen the highest quality liquid omega 3 supplement on the market. We take pride in being a leading name in American-made plant and algae-based omega 3 supplements for kids, because we believe wellness should be accessible in all forms.

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