Beta Sitosterol

  • Beta sitosterol for prostate health is one of the essential plant sterols for men’s health that may help reduce nighttime trips to the bathroom and trouble emptying.
  • Try our beta sitosterol supplement today for heart support featuring phytosterols including campesterol stigmasterol brassicasterol and sitostanol for better internal balance.
  • Support your bladder health and better bladder control to reduce all those nightly trips to the bathroom and frequent urination so you can relax and rest better and longer.
Tablets Count

Plant Sterols Complex with Beta Sitosterol - 500mg Beta-Sitosterol Sterols and Stanols Supplement for Heart Health and Prostate Support - Heart and Prostate Health Supplement for Men - 30 Tablets

1 tablet taken 1 to 2 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Arm yourself in the battle against ill health and give yourself another weapon in the fight to lower cholesterol with these Beta-Sitosterol supplements for women and men by Nature’s Design. Beta Sitosterol is a pure and potent substance which is found naturally in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and has been proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels and the amount of blood cholesterol in the body by reducing how much is absorbed by the blood by 50%. The large, 500 mg serving of the supplement can also be used to combat hair loss - and a 2002 study showed that it had a positive effect on those with alopecia, helping to reduce the symptoms of the condition. Beta-Sitosterol can also be used to promote hair growth, giving the pills fantastic versatility. Your immune system can also be given a boost by these pills, and the 225 mg dosage of pure Beta Sitosterol can help your body to remain healthy and fight off anything the outside world can throw at it. These pills can also help to reduce the effects of the symptoms of urinary tract problems - and men and women can support their urinary system’s health by taking these supplements.

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