Adaptogen Blend

  • Say hello to the new you and get ready to face everyday struggles with our mood support supplement which promotes body and mind relaxation and supports a healthy response to stressors.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and give your body the support it needs to tackle stress with the help of potent herbs like Panax ginseng Holy basil Eleuthero root and many more.
  • We are proud to feature a wide range of globally sourced adaptogenic herbs in our vegan non-GMO formula that is made and tested in CGMP American labs for quality you can trust.
Capsule Count

Herbal Adaptogen Mood Support Supplement - Calming Adaptogens Supplement for Stress Adrenal & Cortisol Management with Ashwagandha Rhodiola Rosea & Maca Root - Vegan Non GMO & Daytime Friendly -60ct

1 capsule taken 1 to 2 times daily preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Unlock a revitalized version of yourself with our Herbal Adaptogen Mood Support Supplement, your daily ally in conquering life's trials while nurturing inner tranquility. Wave goodbye to overwhelming stressors as you embrace the harmonious blend of nine powerful calming adaptogens, including Panax Ginseng, Holy Basil, and Eleuthero Root, empowering your body to confront stress with resilience. Crafted with care, our vegan, non-GMO formula sources adaptogenic herbs from across the globe and undergoes rigorous testing in CGMP American labs, ensuring unwavering quality and trustworthiness. To embark on your transformative journey, simply incorporate this cortisol supplement into your morning routine with a meal for at least two weeks, gradually elevating the dosage to two capsules per day for enhanced effectiveness. As a prominent name in herbal stress supplements for individuals of all ages, we recognize life's challenges, but we also believe in the potent support offered by Mother Nature. Seize the day with Nature's Craft, and let serenity guide your way.

The Nature’s Craft Difference

We started Nature's Craft because we believe that a life deeply rooted in nature has the power to heal, build, and strengthen. With every product we craft, we harness the richness of earth's most potent ingredients to strengthen your life, naturally

Sustainably Sourced

The finest ingredients nature has to offer, acquired globally and domestically.

Carefully Blended

Made in world-class laboratories under strict manufacturing practices.

Quality Tested

Rigorous 3rd-party testing is carried out to ensure the best quality.