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Phaseolus Vulgaris or better known as White Kidney Bean, is an all-natural means of thwarting weight gain and encouraging fat loss and belly fat reduction for women and men of all ages.

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  • WHITE KIDNEY BEAN EXTRACT FOR MEN AND WOMEN blocks carbs and fat while suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. Get a slim & trim figure by adding this dietary supplement to a weight loss program.
  • BLOCK CARBOHYDRATES from turning into fat by blocking the enzyme alpha-amylase from breaking down carbs. Pure carb blocker neutralizes starches & prevents weight gain to help you get fit & lose weight.
  • SUPPRESS APPETITE white kidney bean extract phase 2 acts as an appetite suppressant and reduces sugar cravings to promote a healthy diet and prevent overeating. High quality capsules work fast.
  • DIETARY SUPPORT This weight loss supplement contains a natural extract rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to protect the body. White Kidney Bean capsules are easy to swallow.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Fast acting weight loss pills improve metabolism and promote health and wellness as well as energy. Detox and shed those pounds in an effective manner.

11 reviews for White Kidney Bean Natures Craft

  1. Kara L. Banks

    I originally ordered this specific brand because it had good reviews, but also a coupon. I used two bottles, for the few occasions that I had more carbs than I prefer, or when I indulge. I’ve adopted the keto way of eating in Aug of 2016, so I generally avoid carbs, but I loved having this to counteract any extra carbs I may consume. I tried a different brand, which actually was cheaper per dose, however I’m back to this brand. I legitimately feel this one works better! I’ve learned not all white kidney bean extracts are created equal and highly recommend this brand.

  2. Darin A. Edwards

    I’ve been taking these pills for two weeks now, and I haven’t been following my diet as strictly as I used to. I haven’t gained any weight, so these pills must be working and blocking the carbs. I was afraid that they would have side effects, but I honestly haven’t had any. No gas, bloating, etc. I’m happy to have found these white kidney bean pills because I can relax and have a bagel or slice of pizza when I want to.

  3. Lucy C. Molden

    Overall, I like this product and have purchased it 5 times. I do not use it to lose weight but to help maintain my weight loss when I decide to have a cheat meal. If you take 4 per day (the max) for several days in a row and eat a lot of complex carbs (it does not work on sugar) be sure to drink lots of water or your body may have ‘issues’ trying to ‘eliminate’ the carbs. I’ll keep purchasing the product as it’s my go-to carb blocker:)

  4. Eva S. Marston

    White Kidney Bean Extract has played a significant part in keeping me thin. I have used a variety of other brands but I use this one exclusively now because I have found it works exceptionally well at a reasonable price. White Kidney Bean is an important addition to my DAILY diet now. I have been able to lower my weight and keep it off with this ALL natural supplement. By simply taking this pills (and with no side effects) I am preventing my body from absorbing a substantial amount of carbs/calories and thus keep pounds off. I stack this with green coffee bean and chitosan before each meal which in total helps me curb my hunger, boost my metabolism, block carbs and fats. I know that I owe this product credit for helping me get down to and stay at a size 2 and 109 lbs at the age of 57. I do watch what I eat and stay physically active but taking this supplement makes an even greater impact. Most importantly, I am able to be at a happy, healthy weight and still enjoy delicious foods, going out to restaurants and have a few drinks without worry because I am blocking some of the carbs.

  5. Kenneth C. Hillen

    The White Kidney Bean Supplement seems to work. I hope its really blocking carbs, but if I take it early enough before eating, it makes me feel fuller faster. If I take it just before I eat and then simply eat too much, really I feel stuffed! This may work better for me for appetite control than any of those products I’ve tried. Overall, very happy with the product.

  6. Nathan H. Place

    I have lost 12 pounds in the last six weeks using white kidney bean extract. The hardest part about being on a diet is all the foods you have to give up. You find yourself cheating and as a result the weight comes back. As long is you watch your portions sizes, you cans still loose weight while taking white kidney bean extract.

  7. William S. Knipp

    Good product for a reasonable price. We tried this brand because a different brand had capsules that were instantly sticky once in your mouth, which made them unpleasant and difficult to swallow. This brand is certainly better in that regard, although I think they could still improve the capsule composition to avoid that instant stickiness when touching moisture. That, or make the capsules smaller and take three instread of two. We still like this one better than the other.

  8. James D. Griffin

    This is my second order. Love this product. There is no magic pill if you’re going to consume lots of sugar and fats. This product will help your body pass the complex carbs in moderation. Going to family’s this holiday, want help with the extra carbs… this is the product. No cramping or sick feeling. Helps curb my appetite as well. It’s also a great addition to my Keto diet. Hawaii in 25 days! Feeling great!

  9. Man C. McKeon

    I previously had used GNC’s total lean carb blocker or another brand I got off amazon that I am spacing the name of. Anyways, I decided to give this a shot because the price was so reasonable. I think the product works great! I pop two of these puppies whenever I know I’m going to devour carbs. Before taking white kidney bean extract my weight would fluctuate a ton day to day (specifically after a day of eating a carb heavy meals) and while I knew it wasn’t all real fat, it bothered me and I felt I would be back a few steps in my journey. With these my weight does not fluctuate nearly at after from carby meals! I also feel it helps with my bloating associated with those meals. One other thing I like about this particular brand is that you get 30 servings of 1200mg versus other brands it’s 600 (I understand I can take more of those but this product gives me 30 servings of 1200 versus me only getting 15 servings out of other brands.) I would say overall this is a good product! If you’re like me and meticulously read reviews before purchasing, take it from a girl who spends a lot money and time on amazon- this would be a solid purchase.

  10. Charlotte C. Keegan

    Tried and true. I am writing this review mainly because people who give negative reviews aren’t disclosing their daily diet. Of course you won’t see results after honking down pasta, cake and junk food. But for the low carb dieter, it works for the occasional cheat day and/or consuming a few more carbs than what you ‘budget’ for. It will keep you where you are with your diet.

  11. Blossom D. Tierney

    It’s easy on my stomach and I haven’t seemed to have any adverse side effects. It’s still too early to tell if it’s helping with my appetite or blood sugar.

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