Uric Acid Formula

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Unbalanced uric acid levels can lead to discomfort, stiffness, and irritation in your hands feet and other extremities. Our uric acid support formula helps to flush out excess uric acid that was not properly eliminated by your liver and kidneys.



  • PURE URIC ACID COMPLEX properly metabolize uric acid levels and promotes healthy kidney function for optimum health & wellness. These vitamin tablets for women & men reduce aches pains and irritation.
  • RELIEVE PAIN SWELLING & STIFFNESS this herbal supplement for healthy joints & back pain reduces & relieves flare ups for pain free fingers and toes. Healthy cleanse detox helps balance purine levels.
  • 9 POWERFUL BOTANICALS masterful blend of Celery, Tart Cherry, Green Coffee Bean, Milk Thistle, Amla, Bromelain, Yucca, Devil’s Claw & Turmeric contain vitamins B2, B9 C, E. K as well as many minerals.
  • DIETARY SUPPLEMENT 60 vegetarian capsules is easy to take with meals or as directed for optimal cleansing benefits. Iron, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium is contained in this uric acid formulation.
  • MADE IN THE US This supplement is produced in a state-of-the-art facility that exceeds cGMP standards. These maximum strength antioxidant support pills are manufactured in the USA.

14 reviews for Uric Acid Formula

  1. John P. Turner

    I purchased this product in place of another i was using. The other product worked some what, but Not Good Enough. Soo, I went back to Amazon and looked for something better. I found this this, “Uric Acid Formula” made by Natures Design. The first time i had a pretty good flare up i took the recommened dosage.Boy did it work great. i took it at bedtime and the next morning i had No Pain At All!. I recommend this to anyone who has Gout flareups.

  2. Alycia C. Moore

    Hit by gout 2 years ago during a cruise to South America. Had to see the ship doctor to ease the pain. Doctor recommended to report to my family doctor once we got home. So medication, diet, supplement ideas were flying all over. After some research and reading reviews from other users, I decided to give this uric acid control a try, along with adding tart cherry juice in my morning smoothie. So far so good, but I have to emphasis that diet is very important too. I have been staying away from food with high purines, some I do not miss like beer, organ meat etc. but some I miss like sardines, asparagus, califlower etc..

  3. Karl S. Webster

    At times in my life I have had a 10 uric acid level with GOUT. My wife had recently changed my diet and I had gotten to a 7.8 for about 2.5 years and the Rheumatologist was discouraged that I was borderline and monitoring for administering pills (which I’m not a fan of). I began taking NATURE’S DESIGN URIC ACID FORMULA and my most recent trip indicated a bit below 6.5. The comment of my Rheumatologist was “…I don’t know what you’re doing but keep it up.” I take this – a natural product 5 days a week and rest on the weekend. It works !!!!

  4. Linda M. Olsson

    My husband has taken a prescription drug for gout, for about 6 years. While on the prescription drug, he still had pain in his gout toe, along with daily, chronic heartburn (side effect of the prescription drug). During this same time, his big toe joint had increased to just under the size of a golf ball. This caused issues with shoes fitting properly due to the size of his big toe joint. The reviews/testimonials on this product are what convinced us to try ‘Uric Acid Formula’. He stopped taking the prescription drug when he started taking ‘Uric Acid Formula’. His chronic heartburn went away immediately. The gout pain in his big toe went away after taking ‘Uric Acid Formula’, at the recommended dose, for 2 weeks. He has now been taking ‘Uric Acid Formula’ for 5 weeks, and we noticed his big toe joint has reduced in size and now only looks like a small bunion. He has also regained some flexibility in his big toe joint. My husband is thrilled with the results of this product, and will continue taking this instead of prescription drugs for his gout. Thank you, Nature’s Truth for making such a wonderful product!!

  5. Andrew B. Drinnon

    I don’t have any issues to speak of regarding gout or the like. However, I was interested in the detox effects of this product and so far, it has been working very well. I notice that it supports a more thorough release of toxins that previously was not very thorough.

  6. Bryan E. Officer

    Have been taking this for a month now and have had only one minor flare up which helped quash with some black cherry juice. Used to get several minor flare ups a month. Works well, I have only been taking one pill a day in the morning. People with major gout problems should probably take the recommended two per day.

  7. Shawn L. Soto

    I have pain in my heels. They saw that my uric acid level is high and think it may be related. However the area of pain is not a common place where it gets hit. I am taking meds put wanted to also try a supplement to speed things up. I am also going to PT right now. I am doing better but can’t say it is your product alone helping me. I will know more once I do a new test. My plan is to drop off the med and continue taking the supplement for the longer term and keep doing lab test to see if it does the job.

  8. Harvey H. Barth

    I have been struggling with gout got years, and modern medicine is of no help. I have tried numerous solution to some degree of success, but this formula is the most reasonable priced So far, no flare, no pain, and no gout for the last 4 months… even though I have venture on some of the food that’s known for causing gout (beef, beers, etc…) Now I can go out and enjoy life without worry too much about gout!

  9. Manuela R. Wisner

    Last Gout attack was so severe, that my wife got really scared. She started to search for remedies to prevent future attacks and, since we don’t like to take medicine on regular basis unless it’s life saving, decided to purchase Uric Acid Support supplement. I Have been taking it for several months now (I am on my 6th bottle twice a day). So far, so good. Haven’t had any gout episodes, but I also try to adhere to purine-less food diet. Shrimps, Smoked Salmon, Fish are much less frequent on my menu than before. Steaks and burgers maybe once or twice a month. Hopefully I can continue Gout-less living with the help of this supplement.

  10. Jessica C. Hernandez

    I have been suffering from reoccurring gout since starting a low carb diet a few years ago. I have asthma so my pain relief options are limited. Every episode I was prescribed Colchicine and the side effects were miserable. I was also prescribed prednisone. I knew I needed to start looking into herbs and more natural options. I began taking tart cherry and celery root which seemed to help for a bit but again the gout came back. I read the reviews on Uric Acid Formula and decided I had to try and see how the blend would work for me. I started my first bottle a year ago and threw all my other supplements away. This formula is amazing. I take 1 pill every morning and 1 at night. It is a miracle for me. No more suffering from joint pain or gout. I highly recommended this formula to anyone who suffers from gout. That is a pain like no other and nobody should suffer needlessly.

  11. Sandra J. Kee

    I was skeptical when I first read the article on how he developed this for his wife who was in so much pain from Fibromyalgia … it honestly sounded to good to be true! but …It IS!! I found pain relief almost immediately ! when I got to the level I wanted I made sure to reduce the dosage and continue until the bottle was empty . I highly recommend this to add to your arsenal against the unrelenting pain of Fibromyalgia .I really was eating unhealthy on my recent vacation and ordered another bottle from Amazon so I would have it when I got home . Thank You for making this remarkable product plus it’s all natural !

  12. Michael T. Betts

    I have gout flare up about once a month. I cut down on red meat and alcohol but occasionally, I have a little of both when I’m out with friends. As soon as I do that, my gout will flare up again. After taking Uric Acid pill everyday, I haven’t had a gout flare up even after having red meat and alcohol. I’m not saying go have ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffet BBQ, but it is definitely working for me to enjoy a little of alcohol and meat that I would normally avoid.

  13. John Moran

    Helps with gout, haven’t had a major flare since taking this produt

  14. James K. Green

    Purchased this to keep gout at bay. The unfiltered craft beer hobby has resulted in several bad gout flare up’s over the past couple of years. Since taking these,not a single gout attack. I haven’t given up on my beloved New England Imperial IPA’S, but I’ve cut all meat down to a minimum, increased water intake to a full gallon per day, and cycle indoors 10 miles per day. Still, I take these twice a day, and have no intention of stopping.

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