Pure Chia Seed Extract Capsules


Natures Craft Chia Seed Oil is a supplement to add to your meals, especially if you live by a plant based diet.


  • CHIA SEED SUPERFOOD – This Seed is a great source of Nutrition – Packed with Protein and Fiber – With Minerals like Zinc and Iron – A powerful Antioxidant – Tocopherols Vitamin E 9
  • LOSE WEIGHT – Chia Seed has been used as a Dietary Natural Appetite Suppressant – Soluble Fiber and Zinc can help decrease appetite – Chia Seed is loaded with Protein which is great for weight loss
  • ENERGY – This Formula can Boost Energy and Endurance – Chia Seed is a great workout supplement with Nutrients and Vitamins – The Amino Acids in Chia Seed are great for Muscle Building
  • SKIN AND HAIR – Chia Seeds are loaded with Antioxidants + Vitamins + Omega-3 + Fiber + Minerals which can all contribute to strong and Healthy Hair and Skin – Smooth Skin and Strong Hair
  • HEALTHY LIVING – Chia Seed Extract is NON-GMO and better than ground/whole Chia Seed – It has been shown to be a great Supplement for Digestion – Metabolism – Sleep – Mood Booster – Bone – Teeth Health


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