DIM Complex with BioPerine

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Balance hormones by taking our all natural DIM supplement with BioPerine! This is the perfect DIM herbal supplement for those who want to achieve better vitality. Get natural relief from common menopause symptoms like hot flashes, hormonal acne outbreaks or cystic acne.

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  • Premium DIM Supplement – Take our DIM (Diindolylmethane) pills to achieve hormone balance and manage excess estrogen levels! With 150 mg of DIM per serving and 60 capsules per bottle, this product provides great value for your money.
  • Natural Hormone Balance – DIM is one of nature’s best estrogen blockers, promoting estrogen metabolism to provide effective menopause relief. Reduce symptoms such as hormonal acne, hot flashes, and PCOS in a holistic way.
  • Superior Absorption – We’ve enhanced our DIM formula with BioPerine black pepper extract and broccoli. BioPerine has been shown to improve bioavailability and absorption, which means you get more value out of every dose!
  • Great for Men Too – Taking DIM is also advisable for men who want a healthier testosterone to estrogen balance. DIM can help promote better workouts, increase lean body mass, support mood, and improve drive.
  • USA Made – Natures Craft supplements are exclusively produced and bottled in the United States. This product is certified GMO free, all natural, and made with your needs in mind. Grab a bottle of our DIM herbal supplement today!


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