Cleanse and Detox Activated Charcoal Capsules

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  • Activated Charcoal Capsules – Activated charcoal is the hottest natural supplement on the market thanks to its powerful cleanse and detox properties which can trap and remove toxins from your body
  • Colon Cleanse for Weight Loss – Active charcoal enters your system with high efficiency and works to flush out excess water and contaminants which can help weight loss and leave you feeling better
  • Detox Cleanse – If you’re looking for natural detox or hangover pills to refresh your system then our charcoal tablets are the way to go to promote better gut health and offer gentle stomach relief
  • Bloating Relief – Don’t let your digestive health suffer – Our activated charcoal powder supplement can help provide gas relief when you need it most and aid your next weight loss cleanse and detox
  • Activated Charcoal Pills – You’ll love our coconut charcoal supplement and pH balance pills that each purchase is backed by our satisfaction guarantee because our customers deserve only the best

7 reviews for Cleanse and Detox Activated Charcoal Capsules

  1. Billie Bradley

    My doctor diagnosed me with IBS, which I feel anytime you have problems with you digestion its the typical diagnosis. I started taking the charcoal capsules about a week ago and I am definitely starting to tell and it is helping with my digestion and bloating issues. I will for sure continue to take these. I am loving the results so far.

  2. Alex Chapman

    I must admit, as a drinking precursor, this really relieves the hangover symptoms!! Not saying you won’t be tired, but absorbed toxins……..can’t be bad! I took 3 before a night of drinking. I also drank plenty of water. I like the idea that this is a liver aid, in the sense that it prevents the liver from working so hard. I gave my liver a real break last night by taking activated charcoal.

  3. Terry Moss

    I’ve been taking this for about a week now and I must say I’m quite surprised and delighted. I’ve always had stomach discomfort when I wake up in the morning and just gotten used to it but since taking this product I’ve notice a gradual reduction. Very satisfied.

  4. Frankie Pittman

    I have awful digestion issues and would wake up nightly with severe stomach pain. I took this for about a week and it has helped wonders! I was honestly skeptical at first.. but I’m so impressed! Will be purchasing again!

  5. Shay Camacho

    Bought for my husband to help with his sleep and stomach issues. So far it seems to be helping quite a bit. Hes been sleeping better, and his stomach seems to be less upset most days when he remembers to take it.

  6. Bennie Drake

    The directions indicate taking with a meal. I disagree unless you’re eating junk food or drinking alcohol. I am on a healthy diet and take these 2-3hrs either before or after a meal for best effect. If you understand/research the chemistry of charcoal, you’ll recognize that charcoal has a large surface area (e.g. 2 grams = the same space as a football field) and therefore will ABSORB toxins as it passes through and out of your body. It will interfere with nutritional supplements as well, which is where timing the charcoal intake is of value for efficacy.

  7. Gene Pierce

    I have a lot of digestive issues and started taking this about a week and a half ago. I take two capsules every day in the evening and I havent experienced any of my normal issues!! I even ate steamed broccoli and hot sauce with my grilled chicken and there was no bloating or gas! Sorry bout the TMI:) but I will continue using this product!!

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