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CLA Diet Weight Loss Pills – 60ct


CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat, dairy and safflower oil. Natures Craft softgels deliver a potent plant complex of oils and fats whose main benefit is to lower body fat percentage by lowering the melting point for adipose fat stores in the body.

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  • CLA SAFFLOWER OIL – natural acids in fat burner plant complex – natural conjugated linoleic acid benefits include weight loss + appetite suppression + metabolism + energy boost – natural fatty acids
  • FAT BURNERS WITH CLA – for men and women – this softgel belly blaster is a potent antioxidant + really lowers body fat percentage with a naturally occurring good fat + 28 natural isomers
  • WHAT OTHER BENEFITS ? – conjugated linoleic acid works to increase lean tissue + improve lung health + lower blood pressure + strengthen heart + help bone density + immunity + stabilize insulin levels
  • HEART HEALTHY FATTY ACIDS – Natures Craft CLA softgels also contain oleic acid + palmitic acid + stearic acid + linoleic acid for a potent plant complex – drs recommend and call it magic
  • CLA WORKS WITHOUT EXERCISE – but combine with exercise for extra lean muscle mass + better bodybuilding results + to lower body mass index or BMI – cis fatty acids and oils – lower fat melting point


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