CLA Appetite Suppressant for Weight Loss – 90ct

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6 reviews for CLA Appetite Suppressant for Weight Loss – 90ct

  1. Reed Copeland

    I’ve been using this product for nearly two weeks now and I’m glad that I tried it. Since we’ve been sheltering in place due to the pandemic, it has been a challenge to watch what I eat for the obvious reasons, but this has been a godsend. Featuring a natural formulation that boosts my daily intake of Omega-6 fatty acids, it is helping to improve my overall metabolism and energy levels, while decreasing any cravings I may sometimes have for unhealthy snacks. Before trying it, I was concerned that it may be harsh on my somewhat sensitive digestive system and would make me jittery, but the formulation is tummy friendly and hasn’t caused my energy levels to spike and crash like other appetite suppressants are prone to do. I’ll continue using it and look forward to reaping more positive benefits!!

  2. Sammy Rogers

    I don’t like that the pills are so large, but you take these once a day and they do help suppress your appetite. I’ve taken some days in the morning or at night. For me it stops my night snacking which is good.

  3. Aubrey Richardson

    Despite being at home under shelter in place, I got 3 times as many steps in while using this CLA supplement. I checked so many chores off my list that I’ve put off for months or more because I never have the energy to do it. My mood is way better, and after doing research I read that the ingredients used here could also help with my dry skin. Huge win so far!

  4. Jesse Brown

    “I’ve been taking this mid morning, after I eat breakfast. I’ve seen a noticable difference in the amount of energy I have! It’s a lasting energy, not like a caffeine burst of energy. As an appetite suppressant, it works great too. I’ve been eating noticeably less at lunch and dinner and I’ve not had the urge to snack since I started taking them. I’m glad I added these into my routine since bathing suit season is upon us and I have some weight I’d like to lose. I’ve only been taking them for a week and I refuse to step on the scale everyday, but with the boost in energy and eating less I can already feel my clothes fitting a little less snug.
    There is no such thing as a miracle weight loss pill, so dont expect to just take these and be a supermodel. But eating less and having more energy to exercise or even just go for a walk are the keys to aiding in weightloss. I plan on ordering more when I run low. The price point is pretty great too.”

  5. Noel Cooper

    I typically get snack cravings in the mid-evening while watching TV or a movie. Snacking later at night causes weight gain. So I tried this CLA, taking 1 soon after dinner, just to see if only one would work for me (recommended serving size is 2 capsules) but I didn’t notice any reduction of appetite & cravings. So then I increased to taking the recommended 2 capsules — in my case, soon after dinner — and I noticed a reduction of snack cravings between dinner and bedtime. It works. And I did not notice any unwanted or negative side-effects.

  6. Lesley King

    I was advised by my sister to give it a try. I feel it is helping me and I will continue to use it as I am actually losing weight while taking it. I have been taking the product now for a couple of months and am down 5 lbs.

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