Candida Cleanse Detox Supplement – 90ct

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Suffering from too much Candida Albicans? Detox the right way by taking our herbal supplement!

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  • Best Candida Supplement – Candida Cleanse and Detox pills for men and women help restore balance to your gut. Aid your digestive system with these fast acting detoxification capsules, and start your all natural candida cleanse today!
  • Gentle Cleanse – This Candida killer supplement provides a fast yet gentle way to control yeast infections – reduce Candida Albicans naturally with the detoxifying properties of this extra strength blend.
  • Herbal Formula – Our proprietary blend contains Oregano Leaf extract, Aloe Vera, Anise Seed, and other potent ingredients to help curb and eliminate Candida Albicans overgrowth. We have selected only the most proven herbs for candida detox support.
  • With Probiotics – Every Candida cleanse capsule contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus probiotics to repopulate the good bacteria in your gut. Support healthy digestion and absorb more nutrients from food! Also contains protease and cellulase enzymes.
  • Proudly US Made – Natures Craft supplements use only the purest herbal ingredients, and we exclusively manufacture in the United States. Order a bottle of our high potency and fast acting Candida Cleanse pills today!


12 reviews for Candida Cleanse Detox Supplement – 90ct

  1. Jack D. Pursell

    amazing product. I felt better after two days of use…along with a candida friendly meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt diet. I have recommended these pills to all my friends. They are the most affordable comprehensive blend I could find and please trust this virgo did her research 🙂

  2. Rose E. Miller

    I rarely ever write up a review, but for this I have to. I have struggled with tummy issues for over 8 years. I have had prescriptions from doctors, tried regular probiotics, multiple other cleanses etc and nothing I have ever taken works on a daily basis. I started taking this last weekend, and I take 2 each night. I don’t wake up racing to the bathroom or in fear of what will happen while I am at work. My stomach no longer bloats during the day, which is extremely uncomfortable. For the women, I am in my first year of menopause and this is truly amazing for that tummy bloat. It doesn’t give you flat tummy as weight control, but that uncomfortable belly bloat due to hormones. I will continue to get this without a doubt.

  3. Anthony P. Martini

    I use this product for follicullius – in my twenties my doctor’s overloaded me with antibiotics for my skin, which in my thirties is causing candida to cause my skin to have these rash-like issues. However, with a mix of retin-a and probiotics, I finally got my skin under control and clear.

  4. Joseph A. Lively

    After two years of bi-monthly cycles of infections and antibiotics, my poor gut was in pretty terrible shape. I started the candida complex and a probiotic along with dietary changes (i.e., cutting out sugar, processed foods, gluten, and dairy), and noticed fantastic results. My skin has cleared up, bouts of anxiety are few and far between, and the daily headaches, fatigue, and constant colds are completely gone! This complex is clean and fully stocked with proven ingredients, without any harmful fillers or chemicals. Many thanks for this wonderful product!

  5. Linda J. Pancoast

    I carry excess yeast. I have tried everything. Special diets, cleanses, prescriptions, you name it. I took matters into my own hands & did some research and tried some things. I started Candida Combat and it helped but then I wasn’t able to get some one month & had to find a replacement. So I found Candida Complex. It seems to be the same but yet different. It seems to be working better! I am noticing a difference that I didn’t notice on the combat. I’m still watching my carb intake and doing what I did before, but this stuff really works. Only con, the burps, but that is a small set sacrifice that I can handle considering all the other stuff I am going through.

  6. Shirley W. Blanton

    I originally used another product for Candida control, but in comparing the ingredients, I found this formula to be the same, but less expensive. I also noticed a more fresh, appealing scent upon opening the bottle. Just smelling the product lets you know it’s potent and high quality. I began taking this product at around the same time as taking a high quality digestive enzyme and probiotic at the suggestion of my Certified Nutritionist. So, although I’d love to say this is a miracle supplement, it’s honestly one part of a trifecta. I feel so much better and have eliminated digestive issues, bloating and discomfort by the use of this product in conjunction with the enzyme and probiotic. I know it’s working for me, but I’d recommend using it with a proper probiotic and possibly even a digestive enzyme to get the best results. Overall though, I do recommend this product as part of your supplement regimen. Great quality, potency and results.

  7. Clifford N. Miller

    I am a pharmacist but I generally prefer natural products over traditional medications for problems such as yeast overgrowth. I occasionally get this candida rash under my left arm and it simply would not resolve with topical medications alone and over time the skin just gets irritated with topical products like tea tree oil. I took this as directed until the bottle finished and my rash resolved. I definitely recommend. I would caution that it is generally not advisable to take oral yeast detox products for more than 8 to 12 weeks at a time.

  8. Carolyn S. Duran

    After reading all the reviews I decided to give this a try! I don’t know when or why I started getting digestive problems as I got older. I talked to my doctors about how I noticed I hadn’t had a solid a bowel movement in months. Their only suggestion was to get samples of my stool from me and take it to them so they can test for whatever needed to be tested. I didn’t end up going that route. Instead I bought the candida complex. After I started taking this product it took maybe a few days and I was actually in shock when I passed a normal bowel movement. I’ve had normal bowel movements for months now that I take this product daily. I never get the painful gas I used to get from eating normal things like peanut butter and bread. I showed my parents and partner the ingredients and how it’s all natural. I’m so incredibly happy with this! I even took it with me to disneyland afraid I was going to get very painful stomach problems from letting myself eat all that food but nope! I was fine and my stomach was happy with everything I ate. I highly recommend!

  9. Allison R. Bennett

    I ordered this product for white tongue. I see a great improvement on the look of my tongue. My color is slowly coming back. I will be ordering another bottle soon.

  10. Jacqueline F. Davis

    I tried Candida Complex when I was craving sugary food all the time, very low in energy and my tongue had yeast on it.
    Within a few days I could feel they were working and continued until my sugar cravings were gone. I now use them on and off when I eat too many sweets for a few days.
    I was asked to share my experience with this product to receive a free bottle. My review is true and I definitely like the results I have had.

  11. Tesha J. Looney

    I love this product I started using it on Saturday I purchased it about a year ago and decided that I should try it, I have had issue eating foods and never had got enough courage to go get a colonoscopy or even tell my doctor of my stomach discomfort. I have the most problems with gluten or high starch foods but , since I started to use this,,, in only 3 days my stomach discomfort and extreme bloating has subsided no droggy feeling after I eat anymore! Thank God , I don’t wake up sluggish and feel tired or sick to my stomach and when I stand in the mirror to the side I don’t have this abnormal bloating !!! I hope it continues to work!

  12. Stephanie

    I started out by doing a parasite cleanse using diatomaceous earth and black walnut hull capsules. Then I did a 3-day bone broth fast and colon cleanse. I then started using the Candida CompleX. So far, I am thinking more clearly and my tongue is not white anymore. I can also tolerate butter again. I cut out all sugar and follow an anti-candida diet. During the parasite cleanse I even cut out fruit.

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