Bovine Colostrum Capsules with Immunoglobulin G




  • Muscle Gainer Pre Workout Energy Supplement – Growth factor GF-1 helps increase lean muscle mass and muscle tone while helping to reduce body fat and prevent the digestion of muscle tissue
  • Gut Health Supplement – Not all leaky gut repair supplements work as well as colostrum with prebiotics and probiotics proven to balance gut flora promote digestive health and provide stomach relief
  • Immune System Booster – Colostrum is packed with Lactoferrin which is an Immunity support protein used to fortify your body’s natural defenses making this immune support supplement a no brainer
  • Muscle Recovery Supplements – Feel the difference colostrum can make as high levels of growth factor diminish the stress of exercise on your bones joints and muscles aiding faster recovery time
  • Joint Health Supplement – Colostrum contains growth factors ideal for a bone health and joint support supplement that promote bone density stimulate bone repair and regeneration and aid joint support


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