Black Elderberry Capsule

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  • Black Elderberry Extract – Reap the benefits of the antioxidant rich elderberry extract used around the world for its therapeutic properties due to its high levels of vitamin C and phenolic acids
  • Vitamin A – Elderberry is also packed with vitamin A which is crucial for minimizing colds Promoting eye health Lowering oxidative stress Assisting a detox cleanse and Maintaining overall health
  • Immune Booster – Your immune system is constantly under attack but our black elderberry capsules can help raise your defenses and give you immune support to help eliminate germs the natural way
  • Anti Aging – Forget about expensive serums for your anti aging needs and see the difference elderberry can make. Our natural supplement can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our customers deserve only the best. We’re confident you’ll love our antioxidant supplement with skin vitamins that every purchase is backed by our satisfaction guarantee

8 reviews for Black Elderberry Capsule

  1. Natures Design

    I purchased this just before we were about to move across the country right in the middle of flu season and amid the budding corona virus pandemic. I just had to make every effort to be healthy for all the work of loading, driving the truck, and unloading while at the same time staying at motels possibly contaminated with germs. So I took these daily, used disinfecting wipes for all the truck, gas station, and motel surfaces with the end result being that my wife and I made it unscathed to our new home. Now, how much protection did these actually provide? Who’s to say. But they were part of our arsenal and provided at the very least some peace of mind. A few weeks later and still taking them, I have yet to become sick so at least this product hasn’t let me down yet.

  2. Natures Design

    “I know elderberry has many benefits so I wanted to try it. I was hoping it would lessen my chances of getting a cold or flu this season as I have for the past 5 years. So far I have managed not to catch anything from my coworkers which is tremendous. On top of that, I have injuries from a car wreck that affect my feet and knees making it difficult to walk. The difference here is amazing. No swelling, hardly any pain walking, and very little stiffness. I would definitely recommend this product.
    Note: I did receive this product at no cost to try, however, this did not influence my review.”

  3. Natures Design

    I love taking these natural Elderberry capsules because even when In too busy or in a mental state I at least know that I am still doing something for my body. Its a great immune support for someone that tends to get sick every time the weather changes. Taking the recommended dose with my morning coffee or protein shake makes me feel like im doing good for my body with such little effort. I also like that it helps with supporting my digestive health. Natural ingredients, made in the usa and more of the main ingredients than filler so there is no need to take too many pills a day.

  4. Natures Design

    I started taking this at the beginning of the cold season and I’ve been cold/flu free so far! I tried to get my husband to take it too, however he isn’t great with swallowing pills. A few weeks ago he came home with a nasty headcold! I hope he wasn’t going to share!! =-O After a week, I offered up these and he started to take them. He was doing much better after a couple of days. I, also, never caught it! I would highly recommend these and will surely buy again.

  5. Natures Design

    I got sick with a virus a month after taking these pills and I had a fever. It subsided the next morning and I sweated it out–that is with the assistance of Ibuprofen. LOL. I’m not sure what I caught, perhaps it was an overnight virus, but I’m just grateful that my immune system was strong enough to fight it off. Now, these pills did not stop me from getting a virus but it definitely strengthened my immune system enough to fight it off rather quickly. So I am very grateful for that. Thank you to the manufacturers that made it.

  6. Natures Design

    I have been using this product for a little over a week now. I waited to review it because I wanted to see what effects it would have on my body. I really like this product. I used to take elderberry liquid at night to help boost my immune system. Not only does it help with that but it also is helping me lose weight, not be hungry as much, and making me feel better and less tired. I honestly recommend this to anyone that has a compromised immune system or even just needs a boost in the weather that we’ve been having. It’s totally worth it.

  7. Natures Design

    I have wanted to try elderberry, these capsules are so convenient. I can now give an honest review since I got sick the week after I received these. I felt a bad cold coming on so I started taking these right away twice a day as suggested. The second day I was really sick, but I saw a marked improvement the following day,by day 4 symptoms were nearly gone. I don’t know if it was the elderberry, but I do know I’m usually a lot sicker a lot longer with a common cold so I’ll definitely use these again!

  8. Natures Design

    I’ve been taking this for a few weeks now. During that time my husband got a chest/head cold that he couldn’t shake for 2 weeks. After he started getting better, on a Friday I woke up with my body aching from head to toe, a 99.3 fever and sinus issues but when I woke up on Saturday, I felt completely normal! I truly believe it’s because of this elderberry supplement!! It really helped my immune system and my husband is even impressed.

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