Beta-Sitosterol Complex

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Your prostate increases in size as you age, and this can sometimes lead to issues like painful or overly frequent urination. Beta-Sitosterol is a plant sterol with benefits for your prostate! Not only does it normalize urination, it has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol.

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  • Pure Beta Sitosterol is a natural supplement for men and women that is found in fruit + vegetables + nuts + seeds – these pills can help reduce urinary problems and ease difficulties with urinating
  • Strong 500 mg serving of Beta Sitosterol Complex can be used as a male enhancement supplement – can also increase libido for women and men – each capsule provides 225 mg of pure Beta-Sitosterol
  • This potent pill can lower cholesterol by reducing the amount of cholesterol that gets absorbed into the blood – research has show LDL cholesterol levels are reduced when you take this supplement
  • Beta-Sitosterol can help to stop hair loss in men and women – there have been a recorded link between taking these pills and a good reaction against alopecia
  • This natural supplement extract has also been shown to help boost the immune system and aid to keep the body healthy – can also help reduce symptoms of asthma + reduce effects of menopause


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