Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

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6 reviews for Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

  1. Amelie Cooper

    I’ve been chewing these gummies for the past few days now and I definitely noticed a change. I have issues with PCOS where weight is sitting and alot of bloating. These chewies have helped a lot with surpressing my apetite especially during this time of Quarantine. I needed to not eat anymore food and such. But I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of weightloss

  2. Abbigail Bates

    I’m honestly shocked that these gummies have a wonderful flavor, I was super hesitant to eat one, I mean not many people like acv flavor and I’m no exception! Once you open your bottle you will get a strong acv smell but I promise it doesn’t taste like the smell. I’ve been taking these almost a week now and I have to constantly remind myself directions say only take 2x a day, but I have noticed when I wake up I have to use the bathroom like the number 2 ( I know, I know you don’t want to hear that part 😊) but to me that shows me that they work in weight loss cause I do have problems being backed up beep beep 😅…my honest opinion to anybody hesitant is give it a try you’ll be surprised!

  3. Cecelia Bailey

    Omg they’re so good!! I usually just use the capsules (this brand is fantastic) but was excited to get the opportunity to give these a try. The smell is strong and you think it’s going to taste like apple cider vinegar but it doesn’t at all. It taste just like an apple. I am actually really looking forward to eating these twice a day! I am also noticing that they work just as well as the capsules but are more enjoyable to eat!

  4. Eloise Lee

    I’ve been taking these for 6 days now. I can’t see where I’ve really lost any weight, but then again 6 days isn’t enough in my opinion. As soon as you open the bottle you smell the aroma of apple cider vinegar. I like, no I love the taste of these gummies. I use to take a shot of apple cider vinegar with water and it still taste terrible, not to mention it’s not good for my teeth. So, I stop taking it. By the way drinking the acv didn’t help me lose weight either. Also, I like that these supplements have b6, b12 in them which is a plus for me. It has the GMP label on it which is important to me. Right now, I’ve been taking 1 a day, but I’m going to knock up to 2 and see what it does.

  5. Layla White

    I received apple cider vinegar gummies to test out and I was super hesitant to eat one, I mean not many people like ACV flavor and I’m no exception. I am absolutely SHOCKED, The smell is strong and you think it’s going to taste like ACV but it doesn’t at all. They taste so good and with this natural flavor, they are Help me lose weight, can you believe? I definitely recommend this product. All you have to do is take 2 gummies per day it’s that easy.

  6. Elizabeth Cunningham

    I’ve been taking this product for almost a month and it is so nice eating a gummy every morning since I never had time or the stomach to take a drink/shot of ACV. Highly recommend this to anyone who can’t handle the liquid like me. For myself and my roommates we considered this a treat since the flavor satisfied a yummy gummy goodness we craved. The only down side I could think of is the 2 grams of added sugar, but a small trade off for taking ACV in a gummy form (genarally all gummies have sugar added). You’ll have to look pass the smell as well but I see it as being proof that it is ACV at its finest. An added bonus is the apple shaped form of the gummy! so cute!

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