Nature'sCraft Suplemento Natural para el Hígado 60ct

  • Suplemento delimpieza del hígado para desintoxicar el hígado y apoyar el sistema digestivo.
  • El ingredienteprincipal, el cardo mariano, contiene silimarina, un potente antioxidanteesencial para la función hepática. El cardo mariano también puede reducir elcolesterol y mejorar la salud de la piel.
  • Favorece la salud delmetabolismo y del sistema inmunitario.
  • Mezcla deingredientes naturales de primera calidad seleccionados para optimizar lareparación y protección del hígado: incluye alcachofa, raíz de diente de león,semilla de apio y más.
Capsule Count

Nighttime Liver Detox and Hydration Pills - Herbal Cleanse Pre and Post Drinking Recovery Liver Support Supplement for Better Mornings with DHM Dihydromyricetin Milk Thistle Extract and Electrolytes

For best results, take 3 capsules before consuming adult beverages. Take 3 additional capsules with a full glass of water before bed.

Give your body the support it needs to enjoy drinking without those tough next mornings. We are a leading name in liver supplements and we believe taking care of the liver is crucial for many reasons. It’s no secret that drinking can affect your liver but that doesn’t mean you can’t support it. We’ve included some of the most widely studied ingredients for liver support particularly for defending against the aftermath of drinking, including DHM, milk thistle, prickly pear extract, ginger root, electrolytes, and essential vitamins. Choose Nature’s Craft for quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements you can trust.

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We started Nature's Craft because we believe that a life deeply rooted in nature has the power to heal, build, and strengthen. With every product we craft, we harness the richness of earth's most potent ingredients to strengthen your life, naturally

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