Natural Healing Potential Of The Human Body

Natural Healing Potential Of The Human Body

12 de July, 2023Muhammad Zakaria
At Nature’s Craft, we believe in not only the healing power of clean, well-researched organic products, but we also believe in the power of the fascinating (and often mysterious) human body. 
A healthy human body possesses a staggering level of tenacity in healing itself and restoring its instinctual equilibrium. This includes fighting disease, treating wounds, and restoring the damage that often befalls our bodies in our lifetime. 
This blog post will take a look at the ingenious ways the human body recovers from damage and habits that may be established in our daily lives to ensure optimal performance at all times and especially when ill. It will also take a look into cutting-edge therapies developed to help the body heal as efficiently as possible.

Here’s a look at the variety of ways in which the body heals itself:

Cells can heal themselves and reproduce to substitute cells that have been damaged or destroyed. An example is if a bone is fractured and the body immediately starts producing new cells to mend the body. Nicks and scratches that happen to our bodies daily are also constantly being healed with us often none the wiser. Our body is a healing machine that is continuously creating healthy tissue whilst restoring any damage that has been caused to it.
A healthy immune system can defend the body against various toxins, bacteria, and viruses. Cells in our bodies can instinctively detect and kill a virus that has entered the body. Worrying symptoms of illness such as inflammation and fever are signs of the body trying to fight disease.
Another way in which the body tries to heal itself is through stem cells. Stem cells in adults have the potential to become a certain type of tissue. As people age, their adult stem cells will not reproduce as quickly as they did during childhood and adolescence.

Here’s a look at the different types of stem cells:

Mesenchymal Stem Cells - can renew bone cells, fat cells, muscle cells, and cartilage cells.

Epithelial Stem Cells - regenerate skin.

Neural Stem Cells - revive nerve tissue in the brain and spinal cord.

A variety of lifestyle changes may be implemented to ensure that your body is sufficiently rejuvenated and able to fight injury and disease:


Getting sufficient rest - The recommended amount of rest is eight hours for adults and up to 11 hours for children. As mentioned above, the body is in a constant state of restoring and regenerating itself and a large portion of this happens when we are asleep and our body’s energy is not being redirected towards everyday chores and tasks. Lack of sleep is a sure way to weaken one’s immune system.


A healthy dietConsuming nutrient-rich, whole foods has numerous benefits as opposed to heavily-processed foods high in colorants, preservatives, and sugar. A consistently bad diet may put an enormous amount of pressure on the immune system. Heavily processed diets can lead to inflammation and gut problems later on in life.


Regular exercise - Helps to prompt circulation which in turn oxygenates and helps the body purify itself. Recent research has shown that exercise not only improves your overall health but has also been linked to a lower risk of cancer and slowing down aging. This is achieved by the way exercise affects the structure of the telomere - a complex structure found at the furthermost part of chromosomes and is responsible for protecting DNA. Those with sedentary lifestyles have been found to possess shorter telomeres compared to athletes, making them more susceptible to damage and the onset of premature aging and diseases such as cancer. (Nomikos et al, 2018)

Dr. Erik Lundquist is the founder and director of Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine, specializing in all aspects of Functional Medicine. He is an advocate for the benefits of regenerative medicine. Functional Medicine is a result of the wonders of technological innovation and is the process of creating living tissue to heal or replace tissues or organs that have been damaged due to age, illness, or birth defects. For prescribed treatments to be effective, lifestyle changes are also required. The body of a chronic smoker or morbidly obese person will still struggle to regenerate and heal itself adequately, no matter the other treatments the body has undergone. A holistic approach is required to achieve optimal health.

Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine makes use of the following therapies:

Ozone Injection Therapy - helps to encourage cellular metabolism. This helps to assist the immune system in the healing process and injects oxygen into cells to promote tissue regeneration. It also prompts the creation of antioxidants.
Ozone Clot Matric - a combination of ozone therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. It utilizes ozone gas and activated platelets to increase the strength of both therapies. This therapy creates a longer period for regeneration to occur.
Stem cell therapy - is administered with an injection to revert stem cell function to that of a younger age. Doing so helps to reduce inflammation, rejuvenate tissue and benefit the area where the injection is administered

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) - utilizes a resonating magnetic field to return the mitochondria to their peak performance. Once the cells have been restored, they can reproduce and create other healthy cells. (Lundquist, 2019)

Nature’s Craft is committed to providing world-class, well-researched supplements and nutrition. We have a wide variety of supplements that cater to every lifestyle and unique individual. Our wide variety of supplements, paired with a healthy lifestyle, ensures that you are always one step closer to achieving optimal health. Here’s to living your best life every day!
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